this bloggin’ life

This morning’s happenings …

  1. I have a crick in my neck
  2. I have writer’s block; A common side affect of crick in my neck
  3. The photos of my turkey mini-loaves look like dog food with fancy sauce
  4. My iPad charger is on my desk … at work
  5. I realized today – I missed a software class yesterday
  6. Someone has to clean my house
  7. I have no groceries, so no cooking today

This afternoon’s revelations …

Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day, days in the week and beyond. I can certainly bank on a failed recipe, an awful photo or two and a few site blunders along the way. But, like really a really great roux – once you get it, it’s yours and you’ll know what to do!

See ya Tuesday!