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Anytime I get stuck or am looking for a good read, I look to these enthusiasts for guidance.

4 thoughts on “INSPIRATION

  1. Nice blog. I was looking for a recipe for buttermilk and pork chops. I found yours for buttermilk fried pork chops. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly but I used the marinade (I used Penzey’s adobo and I didn’t fry the pork chops – – I put them in a sous vide, then browned them). I just signed up to follow. I’m a foodie too. And – – I’m from Nashville! I live in Milwaukee,Wi now but I went to West Meade Elementary and (what is now) University School across 21st from Vanderbilt

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for checking out my blog! My apologies for the horrifically delayed response … I took a bit of a hiatus from writing for a while. I’m kicking off this bloggin’ life again and hope you’ll continue to make my recipes your own!

  2. Glad to see you’re revitalizing your blog. I forgot – – you’re in Nashville, my old home town. How I miss it.

    How about a recipe with country sausage? Thankfully, Tennessee Pride is available here. Pimento Cheese (we don’t get Tom Bailey’s ‘Professor Baileys Spicy Pimento Cheese’ up here)?

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