Hello to you!

Let’s get to know each other, shall we? My name is Shamille. This is my blog. Here you’ll find recipes for simple, but grand dishes anyone can make for any occasion or for no reason at all.

That being said … I love food! Like any other food enthusiast (I should have a bumper sticker made for that), I love a complex dish. But, I don’t believe making amazing food should be an unattainable goal for anyone. I find that in food, like life, it’s the small touches that make it all worthwhile.

You’ll also get to meet a few of the folks who frequent a kitchen somewhere – some family, lovely ladies & a few gents. They keep me on my toes!

I’ve collected a few of my favorite questions/ answers from conversations around town and in the virtual world for your review. If there’s something you’re itching to know and it’s not addressed here, feel free to send me a note!

How did you learn to cook?
The truth is … I’m still learning! Sometimes I completely nail a dish (insert kung-fu kick) and other times, well, I don’t. I come from a fantastic family that builds love around meals. My grandmother is a dream in the kitchen and she inspired me quite a bit.  I admit, I was intimidated at first. I burned, undercooked, and threw away a lot of food (shed a few tears too). Let’s be honest, sometimes I still do.

Where would you start, if cooking were new to you?
Most importantly, cook what you love. Start with your favorite dish, perfect it and then learn a new recipe with the same ingredients. Before you know it, you’ll be kung-fu kickin’ too!

Why “a kitchen somewhere”?
Consider it the literal equation of my happiness. My happy = a kitchen + somewhere (really anywhere).

What’s your kitchen like?
Busy (like I like it)! My kitchen is the hub of my home. There you’ll find back ups of back ups, lists for my lists, lots of treats for the loveable hellion (Dalia), my canning experiments and a few of my must-have gadgets.

Foods you cannot live without?
Pistachios, homegrown heirloom tomatoes, a perfect steak, mac ‘n cheese, and banana pudding (I could and have made a meal out of that lineup).

Foods that you could leave behind?
Artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, bananas (ripe ones or simply by themselves) and eggplant – though I keep trying these over and over again.

I’m always down for a challenge, so if you encounter one by all means send it my way. After all, it is nothing but for the love of food. Now, all that being  said … go make something delicious!