day 12: well, that just happened … laugh it off!

So, let’s be honest … shall we?

You’ve planned well. You’ve prepared for every possible scenario. You have stood in front of the mirror, your speech is memorized, your outfit is fresh & clean … and then, BOOM! You completely bomb. Yep … if it’s the bomb part … I nailed it today.

What you’ll need:

  • One amazing recipe for sweet potato, black bean chili
  • All ingredients to execute said recipe without a hitch
  • A trying day (like this one)
  • Distractions (mine was a dog and my thoughts)
  • Equal parts honesty and humility
  • Minimum of 2 strong cocktails
  • A healthy dose of laughter

What you’ll do:

  1. Chop all ingredients and complete recipe up to the point of simmering and fail to turn heat down
  2. Walk away to take care of things/ dogs, pay bills, cry, watch TV, or whatever you fancy really
  3. Notice the scent of burning chili just in time to realize all liquid has left the pot
  4. Turn chili remnant off. Cry a bit. Pout. Throw chili remnant away.
  5. Pour the first of your cocktails
  6. Tell the truth about what happened to your post for today
  7. Pour the second of your cocktails
  8. Laugh at yourself
  9. Try again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “day 12: well, that just happened … laugh it off!

  1. LOL! Great post.

    I roast my own coffee. Yesterday, I did the ultimate screw up. I got distracted, walked away from monitoring the roast, then forgot all about it. Several minutes later, I smelled something burning. Yup. The roast went up in smoke. I had to disable the smoke alarms and open up windows to bring in fresh, 4 degree air. I’ve never done that before.

    So, yeah, your post is just so timely.

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