a dinner worth (saliva)ting over + a new look (for the blog)


Cover shoot … Saliva’s couch! Photo by Allen Clark Photography

Well … there have been a host of things going on around here, a few of which I can’t wait to share with you! It’s interesting the way life works out. It seems to be a constant revolving door of the people you meet, the people they know and the stories you live to tell about after the dust settles.

So fast forward to my thirties … I had the pleasure to collide with Saliva. They’ve played in front of the masses and their “Click, Click, Boom” is played at just about every sports venue throughout the year. Shockingly enough, the band is comprised of some of the most down-to-earth, gentle spirits you will ever have the pleasure of encountering. And, this gal was tasked with creating an enchanting evening of Southern-inspired fare for their last evening at EastSide Manor Studios (they’re recording their long awaited followup album).


Saliva on break and waiting to eat …

First and foremost, yes … you should go buy the album as soon as it drops! Secondly, and I’ve said this before … BUT, you know you’ve completely NAILED a meal when everyone goes completely silent and all you can hear is the symphony of chewing, knives scrapping plates and “mmmms”. If you’ve not had the pleasure of such an experience, just keep at it! You’ll never feel better than in that moment, make it your milestone and keep cooking!

So, what does one make for a group of Southern-bred men who happen to be rock stars? I went with some tried & true favorites elevated just a pinch. Here’s the menu:

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