health, wealth + good fortune

Happy 2013! I hope you survived the holidays, overindulged, and kissed someone you truly love … I did!

Here in the South, we don’t simply wish health, wealth, and good fortune on our loved ones. We insist (ok, ok … demand) that our loved ones consume it! Needless to say, everyone goes bursting into the new year with a full belly and the promise of a fantastic 365-day trek ahead.

This year, I served Sorghum & Coffee Marinated Pork (for health), Sweet & Sour Fried Cabbage (for wealth), My Favorite Blackeyed Peas (for good fortune) and Rosemary Cornbread Muffins (just because). You can serve this any time the craving calls, but on New Year’s it’s a MUST. Now, it should go without saying however, for good measure make sure to have seconds.

Happy New Year, Loves!

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